Kazakhstan - Military Acronyms

AAB - Air assault brigade

AD - Air defense

ADF - Air defense forces

AF Air force

AF RK - Armed Forces of Kazakhstan

AmF - Airmobile forces

CiCLF - Commander-in-chief of the Land Forces of the Armed Forces of Kazakhstan

CiCADF - Commander-in-chief of Air Defence Forces of the Armed Forces of Kazakhstan

CiCN - Commander-in-chief of Navy of the Armed Forces of Kazakhstan

CRRF - Collective Rapid Reaction Force

CSCA - Central Sport Club of Army

CSE - Command-staff exercise

CSTO - Collective Security Treaty Organization

DL -Department of Logistics

DMD - Deputy Minister of Defence

GS - General Staff

LMA - Local military authorities

MILF - Military Institute of Land Forces

MIREC - Military Institute of radio electronics and communication

MoD RK - Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Kazakhstan

MTS - Military technical school

NDU - National Defense University

RC - Regional command

RTA - Rocket troops and artillery

SCO - Shanghai Cooperation Organization

SLT - State-legal training

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