Defensie Materieel Organisatie
Defence Materiel Organisation (DMO)

All former materiel directorates of the navy, army and air force, as well as their maintenance units, have been concentrated in a single Defence Materiel Organisation (DMO) within the Central Staff. The operational commands deal directly with the DMO. However, when it comes to setting priorities, the Chief of the Defence Staff has the final say. The Defence Materiel Organisation (DMO) provides materiel to the Operational Commands. The DMO is responsible for the acquisition and maintenance of the materiel and the disposal of surplus materiel. The Defence Materiel Organisation comprises the following directorates: Directorate of Policy Directorate of Personnel and Organisation Directorate of Planning and Control Directorate of Projects and Procurement Directorate of Weapons Systems and Agencies The Directorate of Policy is part of the Central Staff and develops policy for the DMO. In addition to the directorates, the DMO also has a General Support Branch. The Sea, Land, and Air Systems branches are part of the Directorate of Weapon Systems and Agencies. Sea Systems Branch Naval Maintenance and Service Agency Land Systems Agency National Supply Branch . General Supplies Agency . Defence POL, Chemicals and Maintenance Products Agency . Ammunition Agency. Clothing and Personal Equipment Division . Land Systems Maintenance Agency . Materiel Testing and Logistic Advice Division Air Systems Branch Woensdrecht Logistics Centre

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