Slovenian Defense Industry

Slovenia has a long industrial tradition. An export orientation, investments in new technologies and the implementation of international standards have all shaped Slovenian industry in the last few decades. The country’s main export markets are the EU, South-East Europe and other world markets. The production of military weapons and equipment is part of a tradition lasting several hundred years in the territory of Slovenia. The well-renowned Slovenian precision and craftsmanship are reflected in Slovenian defence products that are distinguished by the inclusion of their own know-how, quality, innovation, compliance with international standards and optimal performance-to-cost ratio. This industrial tradition, quality and innovation are built into products and services.

The Slovenian defence industry supplies the following wide range of products and services:

  • Optoelectronic equipment
  • Fire control systems
  • Light armored vehicles, special vehicles and their parts
  • Personal equipment for soldiers
  • Telecommunications equipment
  • Simulation and training equipment
  • Information technologies
  • Logistical equipment
  • Parts for heavy weapons
  • Parts and components for machines
  • Special steels
  • R&D and new technologies

The Slovenian Defence Industry Cluster (Grozd obrambne industrije Slovenije – GOIS) is a business association based on the economic interest of members. It was established in 2008 and brings together Slovenian suppliers of defence, security and protection products and services. The Cluster assists its members with the creation of optimal conditions for the research, development, production, testing, maintenance, trade and marketing of their products and services in the areas of defence, security and protection. Since joining NATO in 2004, interoperability and compliance with NATO standards have become the guiding principle of the development of new defence production programs in Slovenia. The cooperation of enterprises with research institutes and Slovenian universities has also expanded significantly.

  • Arex is active in the field of development and manufacture of military products. These are mainly intended for soldiers' training, their comfort and protection. Arex equipment is also used by police forces and civil defence units. Arex developed plastic manouvre cartridges as well as plastic and metal practice ammunition. All ammunition can be manufactured in calibres up to 12.7 x 99 mm (Nato calibres). Our product palette has been augmented by plastic cartridge link; an innovation in the market. Arex also offers you production of plastic and metal weapon sub-connections as well as various textile products, such as bags for carrying weapons, clips, pouches, etc.
  • With its specialized military and police equipment, the company Dat-Con d.o.o. has successfully established itself in the European market, and is involved in international projects founded by EU Phare and EBRD programs. The BOPAS-03 (flexible portable surveillance system with thermal camera) system is designed for all surveillance requirements in normal and extreme conditions and provides short and long range observation. It can be used as a Hand Held unit with internal battery or can be integrated with the tripod, pan tilt unit and remote operating console.
  • The em.tronic d.o.o. CBRN reconnaissance vehicle system has been designed for Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear reconnaissance. The system offers a fully integrated and automated NBC reconnaissance suit, controlled by central computer/s and operated by the vehicle crew. It provides automated crew protection capability and measuring instruments for NBC detection and identification, systems for visual reconnaissance, and remote (stand off) chemical detection.
  • Fotona is one of the biggest European producers of military, medical and industrial optoelectronic devices and systems. It is traditionally well known as a manufacturer of laser rangefinders, laser warning systems, tank and artillery fire control systems. More than 15,000 laser rangefinders and 850 full performance tank fire control systems have been delivered to various customers worldwide in over 40 years of evolutionary development.
  • S&T Slovenija is the leading provider of high-performance IT solutions and system integration in its region. The company is setting standards for the future by offering a wide range of solutions, technologies and products for information support in military operations. The company’s information systems for the military industry ensure top combat readiness and defence security. In 2007, S&T Slovenija formally founded the Military Programme Department aimed at developing solutions for the defence industry, specifically for information support in various activities of the Slovenian Armed Forces.
  • Sistemska Tehnika Armas, d.o.o., based on rich experience of production of light armored vehicles, artillery systems and main battle tanks, offers development and system integration of various equipment in uniform system, tailored to customers needs.
  • Veplas d.d. is an Enterprise with more than 50 years of history and the biggest composite materials producer in region. An important part of our production program is a ballistic protection program, which includes the following products: ballistic helmets; antiriot protective police helmet; bullet-proof vest; hard armor plate for vests; ballistic shields; antiriot shields; and ballistic plate for vehicles.

Certain legal provisions bind foreign suppliers to enter into an agreement on industrial participation involving supplies to the Ministry of Defence of Slovenia. The Government of Slovenia has issued »Directives for Offset Programs« that defines the policy concerning offsets in Slovenia. The amount of the offset obligation is, as a rule, determined as 100% of the contract value. Bidders are requested to submit offset programs for supplies exceeding €400,000. In Slovenia trading in defence equipment is regulated by the Law on Defence and other legal acts requiring the producers of military weapons and equipment to become registered with the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Slovenia. There are several ways potential customers can contact the Slovenian producers of defence equipment, including direct contact with individual companies.

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