Kara Kuvvetleri Komutan
Turkish Land Forces

Turkey has the second largest army in NATO, second only to that of the United States, and the second largest one in Europe, second only to Russia. The Turkish armed forces (Türk Silahli Kuvvetleri - TSK, officially referred to as the Turkish Land Forces) had a total active manpower of about 510,600, with reserves of 378,700. The land force has a total active manpower of 402,000, including 325,000 conscripts with approximately 258,700 troops in reserve. Turkey also has Gendarmerie forces with 150,000 troops, including 50,000 reservists, which have mainly served in counterinsurgency operations against the Kurdistan Workers' Party (Partiya Karkeran Kurdistan - PKK).

According to the TSK's own assessment, its manpower capacity enables it to deploy fifty thousand troops on short notice to carry out four peacekeeping operations simultaneously. As of 2009 Turkey participated in peacekeeping missions around the world with around two thousand troops. TSK can also conduct day and night air-landed operations to deploy six battalions.

Ground forces are the basis of the armed forces of the country (about 80% of the total). The direct management of implementing land forces commander, through its headquarters. At his command are the headquarters of the land forces, four field Army (PA), nine army corps (AC), including 7 in field armies and three Command (training, doctrines, army aviation and logistics).

The main striking force of Turkish ground troops are the tanks. All Turkish army tanks of foreign manufacture. On arms is about 3,000 tanks, but more than 1,200 of them are completely outdated American M48, these machines are mainly deposited or withdrawn are used in training centers. The most modern tanks at the disposal of the land forces of Turkey is the German Leopard 2A4, they number 339 pieces. Modernization of these tanks to the level A6 is planned by the Turkish company ASELSAN. In addition, there are 392 German Leopard 1 tanks of various modifications and nearly 1,200 more old American M60 tanks of various modifications.

The Organization of the tank brigades included three tank battalions, in the mechanized brigades - 1 tank battalion. Each tank battalion consists of 41 tanks. The staff and management team consists of 2 tanks, 39 armored rest distributed to 3 tank Wrotham. Each tank company consists of 13 tanks (1 tank company commander and platoon 4 to 3 tanks). According to HR news agencies, the American M60 tanks (development of end 1950) of various modifications are still actively used by the Turkish army.

The fleet of armored vehicles of the Turkish army is quite diverse and is represented by tracked and wheeled armored personnel carriers and tracked infantry fighting vehicles, as well as various machines based on them. Their total number exceeds 4,500 units. Of these the most part - is a technique of Turkish origin with the exception of older American M113 and M59.

Portable anti-tank weapons are represented and we carry anti-tank RPG, self-propelled anti-tank systems (48 ATGM FNSS ACV-300 TOW anti-tank systems and 156 M113 TOW). Number of PU Ammunition capacity and portable anti-tank systems in the Turkish army exceeds 2,400 (Otokar Cobra, Eryx, TOW, Milan, Cornet, contest). In addition, armed Turkish troops have more than 5000 RPG-7 and more than 40 thousand M72A2.

At the armed ground forces there are more than 1,200 self-propelled guns and towed guns in 1900, almost 10 thousand mortars. The vast majority of US-made artillery systems, many seriously outdated (M110, M107, M44T, etc.). The most advanced artillery systems are 155-mm self-propelled guns T-155 Firtina, representing licensed copy SAU South Korean K9 Thunder (240 in service, an order for 350 self-propelled guns), and 155-mm towed howitzers T-155 Pantera (about 225 units).

Considerable attention is paid Turkish military multiple rocket launchers. On arms of the Turkish army has 12 US MLRS MLRS (227 mm), 80 MLRS T-300 "Kasigra" (modern Chinese MLRS WS-1 caliber 302 mm), 130 T-122 "Sakarya" (Soviet BM-21 "Grad" on Turkish automotive chassis), MRL more than 100 T-107 (old Chinese Toure 63, 107 mm) and 24 of its own towed RA7040 MLRS caliber of 70 mm.

Army air defense presented antiaircraft artillery and self-propelled MANPADS MANPADS. Small-caliber guns antiaircraft artillery there are more than 2800 units. Man-portable air defense systems (Stinger, Igla, Red Eye), more than 1.9 million units. In addition, there are 150 air defense missile system "Altygan" (8 "Stinger" on M113) and 88 "Zipkin" (4 "Stinger" on the basis of the car "Land Rover").

The basis of the striking power of the army aviation helicopter gunships were American AH-1 "Cobra" (39 cars), as well as 6 new Turkish T-129 (created on the basis of the Italian A-129 helicopter, planned to build 60 cars). In addition, the disposal of military transport and 400 multipurpose helicopters (S-70 Black Hawk, UH-1, AS.532, AB-204/206) and 100 light aircraft. The gendarmes used 18 Mi-17 helicopters of the Russian manufacture.

An interesting detail is the fact that in recent years Turkey has become the second (after Bulgaria) NATO country in Europe, which are armed with tactical missiles. It is about 72 US ATACMS (launcher for them are MLRS MLRS) and at least 100 of its own tactical missiles J-600T, which have been copied from the Chinese B-611.

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