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ABIM47 armored repair/recovery vehicle AB2 armored personnel carrier AB3 "Black Iris" general-purpose vehicle AB4A1 Akrup "Scorpion" vehicles AB5 special forces off-road vehicle AB9 105mm M60AI main battle tank AB9B1 120mm tank AB9C4 120mm Falcon AB10 hovercraft AB12 medium-sized off-road vehicle AB13 heavy infantry fighting vehicle AB14 infantry fighting vehicle AB16 Khalid MBT MTHRAS fire control The Jordan Design and Development Bureau (KADDB) was established in August 1999. It is an independent civilian agency within the Jordanian Armed Forces and is directly under the leadership of the King. Its purpose is to strengthen Jordan's military research and weaponry research and development capabilities. Since 1996, engineers at the King Hussein Plant have carried out a series of design, research and development work. A variety of armored vehicles have been developed: ABIM47 armored repair and rescue vehicle; AB2 armored personnel carrier; AB3 "Black Iris" general-purpose vehicle; AB4A1 "Akrup" (Akrup) "Scorpion" modernization Improved vehicles; AB5 special forces ground off-road vehicles; modern improved vehicles named AB9 M60AI main battle tank. The Jordanian Army was equipped with 354 M60A1/A3 tanks. Its improved AB9 tank was publicly displayed for the first time last year. After further improvements, it is now called the AB9B1 tank. Replaced the standard M68 105mm rifled gun on the original car with the L50 120mm tight-playing smoothbore gun provided by Sweden . The AB9B1 tank is equipped with Rexion's new integrated day/night fire control system. The fire control system includes: the second-generation forward-looking infrared (FLIR) thermal imaging device, eye-safe laser ranging protocol and digital computer. In addition, the AB9B1 tank is also equipped with Aviemo’s laser alarm system. Jordan started various shooting tests of the AB9B1 tank in March of this year. The Jordanian Army introduced 288 Challenger type 1 main battle tanks from the British Army. There are about 300 modernized and improved Centurion main battle tanks. In Jordan, this type of tank is called Tarig. According to the requirements of the AB9C4 project plan, a new type of compact turret called "Falcon" is being designed for the "Tariq". Its turret is equipped with a 10m compact tank gun that is the same as the AB9B1 tank. The ammunition of the artillery is supplied by an automatic loading machine installed in the tail compartment of the turret. The commander, gunner and driver all ride in the vehicle body, thus improving the survivability of the occupants. The "Falcon" turret will be equipped with optoelectronic components from Pilkington Optoelectronics, UK. The car will be installed: "Trilom" (Trilom) signal feature management system; multi-spectrum camouflage system; "Helio Cerebus" auxiliary defense including Aviemo's LWD2 laser alarm device system. The other "Tariq" hulls will be converted into AB13 heavy infantry fighting vehicles with the help of the Ukrainian Marshev tank factory. This infantry fighting vehicle has 3 crew members and 7 infantrymen. It will be equipped with a Marshev 99A turret. The turret is equipped with dual 30mm machine guns, 7.62mm machine guns, and AGS-19 30mm grenade launchers. And 81mm smoke bomb launching system. Another infantry fighting vehicle developed on the basis of the "Tariq" is called AB14. The engine of this infantry fighting vehicle is installed on the front of the vehicle body so that the infantry can get on and off the vehicle from the rear of the vehicle. Other projects currently being developed by KADDB include: AB8 main battle tank auxiliary power unit; AB10 hovercraft; AB12 medium-sized ground mobile off-road vehicle; Pilkington Optoelectronics' AB16 MTHRAS thermal imaging device and fire control system. The purpose of the development of AB16 is to modernize and improve the "Khalid" main battle tank, because the "Khalid" main battle tank has been the backbone of the Jordanian armored force for a long time.

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