Air Force Bases

The ROK Air Force operates from eight major airbases. Most personnel are stationed at large, well-defended air bases located at Ch'ongju, Kangnong, Kunsan, Kwangju, Osan, Sunch'on, Suwon, and Taegu. The air force also operates an unknown number of smaller airbases. Civilian airfields, including three international airfields at Seoul, Pusan, and Cheju, would be utilized in wartime, as would specially designed sections of major highways.

The Tactical Air Control Center at Osan became operational in 1983. The Theater Air Control Center has a full control over all air operations. Reconnaissance aircraft and air defense radar sites informed the center about potentially hostile aircraft before they entered South Korean airspace. In wartime this capability was expected to allow South Korean air controllers more time to assess threat and the ability quickly to communicate orders to interceptor aircraft and surface-to-air missile sites.

According to Keith Rowe and Dan Allmacher in their Order of Battle for the ROK Air Force there are some 641 hardened aircraft shelters in South Korea for both US and ROKAF aircraft.

NameDAFIF ICAO LatitudeLongitudeRunway ft.Elevation ft. Type
Major Military Air Bases
CHONGJU INTLKS18851 RKTU 36.718127.4969,000191B
CHOONGWON ABKS89820 RKTI 37.030127.8869,330281C
KANGNUNGKS87140 RKNN 37.754128.9449,00035B
KUNSAN ABKS30467 RKJK 35.904126.6169,00029C
KWANGJUKS40957 RKJJ 35.128126.8109,30042B
OSAN ABKS51390 RKSO 37.091127.0309,00440C
SACHON ABKS35832 RKPS 35.089128.0709,00025C
SEOSAN ABKS45940 RKTP 36.705126.4869,00039C
SEOUL ABKS23347 RKSM 37.446127.1149,70092C
SUWONKS48753 RKSW 37.239127.0079,00086C
TAEGU ABKS48012 RKTN 35.894128.6599,290116B
Minor Military Air Bases
A 306KS35753 RKNC 37.884127.7184,053245C
A 511KS23937 RKSG 36.961127.0346,14151C
R 103KS99765 RK 37.475126.7471,46992D
R 107KS99733 RK 37.715126.5591,27945D
R 110KS99754 RK 37.763126.7921,60065D
R 113KS71169 RKSK 37.601126.8693,70064D
R 129KS99734 RK 37.956126.9211,220115D
R 203KS99737 RK 37.642127.1491,55880D
R 213KS99776 RK 37.815127.3502,200420D
R 217KS60404 RKRO 37.867127.1753,640328D
R 218KS99735 RK 37.894126.9711,700361D
R 219KS99736 RK 37.908127.0141,700295D
R 222KS82637 RK 37.831126.9913,500287D
R 225KS99744 RK 38.018126.975820100D
R 227KS99746 RK 38.024127.1071,500220D
R 228KS99747 RK 38.030127.1411,900228D
R 231KS99721 RK 38.025127.3682,400425D
R 233KS99725 RK 38.079127.2722,300340D
R 237KS99722 RK 38.153127.3123,800510D
R 239KS99748 RK 38.199127.2221,970630D
R 240KS99749 RK 38.249127.3771,730630D
R 301KS99739 RK 37.502127.6301,638230D
R 307KS99740 RK 37.929127.7571,800270D
R 311KS99751 RK 38.052127.7981,410590D
R 312KS99723 RK 38.073127.5231,900855D
R 313KS99730 RK 38.122127.6871,700460D
R 314KS99726 RK 38.138127.7421,900600D
R 317KS99750 RK 38.216127.6541,862750D
R 321KS99756 RK 38.265127.5642,200900D
R 404KS51338 RKNY 38.088127.9873,600675D
R 405KS99817 RK 38.119128.0402,100721D
R 406KS99724 RK 38.138128.0071,672656D
R 412KS99753 RK 38.242128.2082,400950D
R 413KS99729 RK 38.383128.4582,288164D
R 414KS99752 RK 38.106128.2001,160672D
R 417KS99743 RK 37.650128.5701,3121722D
R 419KS99758 RK 37.700127.9002,639450D
R 420KS99741 RK 37.956128.3142,700900D
R 500KS99727 RK 36.111127.1041,18266D
R 501KS99764 RK 37.287127.2272,001243D
R 505KS29498 RK 36.571127.2963,10082D
R 510KS70967 RK 37.201127.4725,230211C
R 522KS99732 RK 36.180127.8331,280546D
R 526KS99760 RK 36.584126.6601,250197D
R 530KS99759 RK 36.754126.3311,48040D
R 536KS99994 RK 36.262127.1173,93793D
R 605KS87064 RK 37.162128.2203,790953D
R 710KS99996 RK 35.345127.0201,200132D
R 712KS99787 RK 35.305126.4961,74630D
Civlian Dual Use Airfields
CHEJU INTLKS10983 RKPC 33.511126.4939,843118A
CHINHAEKS89597 RKPE 35.141128.6963,6008D
JHUNJUKS13888 RKJU 35.878127.1204,92596B
JUNGSEOK AERODROMEKS03854 RKPD 33.400126.7127,5891171A
KIMHAE INTLKS89580 RKPK 35.180128.93810,49913B
KIMPO INTLKS60585 RKSS 37.559126.79011,81158A
MOKPOKS48219 RKJM 34.759126.3805,24923B
POHANGKS93016 RKTH 35.988129.4207,00070D
SOKCHOKS04498 RKND 38.148128.6015,11899C
SONGMUKS03499 RKTE 36.568127.5004,000258C
ULSANKS85850 RKPU 35.594129.3526,56242D
WONJUKS20127 RKNW 37.438127.9609,000329B
YECHONKS99718 RKTY 36.632128.3559,000354C
YEOSUKS21015 RKJY 34.840127.6155,08568D

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