CODAI (Comando de Defensa Aeroespacial Integral)

The Comprehensive Aerospace Defense Command (CODAI) was born with the mission to execute defensive aerospace operations, permanent air control and prolonged People's War in the geographic space of the Nation, in order to ensure its integrity, independence and sovereignty.

The Air Defense Command [Comando de la Defensa Aérea] was created on 14 December 1978 as an organ attached to the Ministry of Defense and was activated in September 1979. On February 18, 1991, the Commando de la Defensa Air was attached to the Bolivarian Military Aviation (Venezuelan Air Force for that moment) as the second Operational Command of the component, with the operational conditions in order to guarantee the sovereignty of Venezuelan airspace. Under the Venezuelan Air Force it was called the Air Defense Operations Command (CODA - Comando de Operaciones de la Defensa Aérea).

In 2009 the Commander General of the Bolivarian Military Aviation, M/G Jorge Arévalo Oropeza Pernalete, in accordance with the provisions of the Decree with Rank, Value and Force of the Organic Law of the National Armed Forces, in accordance with Resolution 009735 dated April 7, 2009, which approved the Functional Organic Structure of the Bolivarian Military Aviation, and ordered all the corresponding administrative procedures. the Air Operations Command was renamed by the Air Command for the Integral Aerospace Defense [ Comando Aéreo para la Defensa Aeroespacial Integral], and was transferred to the operational Strategic Command of the National Armed Forces (CEOFAN - Comando Estratégico Operacional de la Fuerza Armada Nacional), adopting the current name of Integral Aerospace Defense Command (CODAI Comando de Defensa Aeroespacial Integral).

In 2010 it was announced that CODAI had a strategic plan "as a guiding instrument for the consolidation of the deployment and employment of the Organization for the next ten years" that "includes a satellite integrated communications system with all ministries and State institutions that are necessary to maintain command and control, in times of peace and conventional or asymmetric conflict, with reliable, safe and standardized communications."

Venezuela Air Defense radar coverage Venezuela Air Defense radar coverage
  1. Command, execute, control and supervise aerospace defensive operations and resistance warfare.
  2. Plan and execute at the Operational Strategic level the operations of Integral Aerospace Defense.
  3. Notify the Upper Tier, the incursions of airplanes that violate the Airspace.
  4. Coordinate with the Air Operations Command (CAO) the use of assigned air assets.
  5. Exercise control of the airspace in case of a state of emergency.
  6. Control the performance of the Integral Aerospace Defense System and evaluate the status reports.
  7. Evaluate the activities and capacities of the Units that comprise the Comprehensive Aerospace Defense Command (CODAI) in the fulfillment of their respective missions and order the pertinent actions.
  8. Establish and execute the National Plan of Alert and Alarm in case of air incursions of a probable enemy.
  9. Constantly provide airspace control data to the upper step.
  10. Determine and process the logistical requirements necessary for the technical and equipment support of the CODAI Units.
  11. Contribute to the formulation of operational doctrine and employment of Integral Aerospace Defense.
  12. To coordinate with the competent agencies the execution of programs and operations for airspace control in the anti-subversive struggle and against illicit flights.
  13. Neutralize or reduce the effectiveness of enemy air strikes on the National Territory's vital target system.

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