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Venezuela's leftist President Hugo Chavez officially unveiled the country's controversial new flag on 07 March 2006. Parliament approved changes to the 200-year-old design, including the addition of an eighth star to honor the province of Guayana's contribution to independence in the 19th Century. Modifications to the coat of arms portion include changing the direction of the horse's gallop from right to left and adding an African American machete, an indigenous bow and arrow, and typical fruits and flowers. The opposition condemned the new flag as illegitimate, saying there had been no proper consultation. Chavez used the 200th anniversary of Venezuela's first flag to present the new one to the general public.





Civil-Military Relations

Defense Spending

Military Personnel

Defense Industry

US Military Plans

Ministry of the Popular Power for the Defense
Ministry of Defense

Bolivarian National Armed Forces
National Armed Forces

Bolivarian Army

Bolivarian Navy

Bolivarian Air Force

Air Defense Command


National Guard

National Militia

Civil Militia / Milicia Civil
Combatant Corps / Cuerpos Combatientes
Popular Defense Units (UDP)

Defense Industry



Navy Bases

Urban Areas

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