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Before you contact GlobalSecurity.org

- Individual subscribers looking to cancel paid subscriptions to GlobalSecurity.org or for other inquires regarding billing and payment, can do so by signing on to their Tinypass dashboard at https://dashboard.tinypass.com/. If you are looking to unsubscribe for our Email newsletter, there is a link with instructions on how to do so at the bottom of each newsletter.

- We are GlobalSecurity.org. GlobalSecurity.org is NOT affiliated or connected to the private security/military company known as Global or Global Security, or variants thereof. We do NOT provide security services and do NOT have their contact information. If you have their contact information, please send it to info@globalsecurity.org.

- GlobalSecurity.org is NOT affiliated or otherwise connected to the United States military or any other agencies of the U.S. government or any other government. We do NOT have any contact information for those agencies, units or facilities. In the United States you can dial 411 for directory assistance and substitute a military or government facility when asked for the city in question to obtain a contact number. A contact number for the Pentagon can be obtained by dialing 411 and asking for Washington, DC and then the Pentagon.

- GlobalSecurity.org is NOT a private security/military company, defense contractor, or vendor. We are NOT affiliated with any such entity and we do NOT sell anything. We also do NOT buy any military equipment, machine parts, or other such items. Our website has pages describing weapon systems and other equipment but we do NOT buy or sell them.

- GlobalSecurity.org does NOT send delegations to trade shows, conventions, or similar off-site events, and does NOT require any accomodation or other assistance for such delegations.

- GlobalSecurity.org does NOT facilitate the transfer or award of large sums of money for deceased individuals, associates thereof or any organization such as the United Nations. If you have been contacted by someone claiming to be from GlobalSecurity.org or a variant thereof, requesting your help with such a transaction, this is a fraudulent business scheme otherwise known as a Nigerian 419 scam.

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