Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

United States Special Weapons Agencies


Department of Defense

Strategic Command


Command Group Squadron Base
Commander Task Force 144
Submarine Group 10 Kings Bay
Submarine Squadron 16
Submarine Squadron 20
Commander Task Force 134
Submarine Group 9 Bangor
Submarine Squadron 17

Air Force

Command Wing Squadron Base
Air Combat Command
Global Strike Command [ 8th Air Force ]
495th Command & Control
2nd Bomb Wing Barksdale
2nd Munitions Squadron
11th Bomb Squadron
20th Bomb Squadron
96th Bomb Squadron
49th Test Squadron
5th Bomb Wing Minot
5th Munitions Squadron
23rd Bomb Squadron
72nd Bomb Squadron
7th Bomb Wing Dyess
7th Maintenance Squadron
9th Bomb Squadron
13th Bomb Squadron
28th Bomb Squadron
28th Bomb Wing Ellsworth
28th Munitions Squadron
34th Bomb Squadron
37th Bomb Squadron
77th Bomb Squadron
509th Bomb Wing
509th Maintenance Squadron
325th Bomb Squadron
393rd Bomb Squadron
12th Air Force
366th Air Expeditionary Wing Mountain Home
366th Maintenance Squadron Mountain Home
34th Bomb Squadron Mountain Home
Air National Guard
116th Bomb Wing Robins
128th Bomb Squadron Robins
184th Bomb Wing McConnell
127th Bomb Squadron McConnell
Air Force Reserve
917th Wing Barksdale
93rd Bomb Squadron Barksdale

Former Agencies

Strategic Air Command
15th Air Force
16th Air Force
6th Bomb Wing
9th Bomb Wing
11th Bomb Wing
17th Bomb Wing
19th Bomb Wing
22nd Bomb Wing
39th Bomb Wing
40th Bomb Wing
42nd Bomb Wing
43rd Bomb Wing Andersen
44th Bomb Wing
47th Bomb Wing
68th Bomb Wing
70th Bomb Wing
72nd Bomb Wing
91st Bomb Wing
92nd Bomb Wing
93rd Bomb Wing
94th Bomb Wing
95th Bomb Wing
96th Bomb Wing
97th Bomb Wing
98th Bomb Wing
99th Bomb Wing
100th Bomb Wing
106th Bomb Wing
301st Bomb Wing
303rd Bomb Wing
305th Bomb Wing MacDill
306th Bomb Wing
307th Bomb Wing U-Tapao
308th Bomb Wing
310th Bomb Wing
316th Bomb Wing
319th Bomb Wing
320th Bomb Wing
340th Bomb Wing
341st Bomb Wing
376th Bomb Wing
379th Bomb Wing
380th Bomb Wing
384th Bomb Wing Little Rock
397th Bomb Wing Dow
410th Bomb Wing
416th Bomb Wing
449th Bomb Wing
450th Bomb Wing
454th Bomb Wing
456th Strategic Wing
461st Strategic Wing
462nd Strategic Wing
465th Bomb Wing
484th Bomb Wing
494th Bomb Wing
806th Bomb Wing
4038th Strategic Wing Dow
4039th Strategic Wing
4043rd Strategic Wing
4047th Strategic Wing
4062nd Strategic Wing
4123rd Strategic Wing
4126th Strategic Wing
4128th Strategic Wing
4130th Strategic Wing
4133rd Strategic Wing
4135th Strategic Wing
4136th Strategic Wing
4137th Strategic Wing
4138th Strategic Wing
4141st Strategic Wing
4170th Strategic Wing
4228th Strategic Wing
4238th Strategic Wing
4239th Strategic Wing
4241st Strategic Wing
4245th Strategic Wing
4252nd Strategic Wing
4258th Strategic Wing U-Tapao
Research and Development Command
Special Weapons Center Kirtland
Air Materiel Command Wright-Patterson
3079th Aviation Depot Wing Wright-Patterson
4th Aviation Depot Squadron UK
5th Aviation Depot Squadron Sidi Slimane
6th Aviation Depot Squadron Nouasseur
11th Aviation Depot Squadron Eielson
12th Aviation Depot Squadron Okinawa
36th Aviation Depot Squadron Schilling
38th Aviation Depot Squadron Tucson
3080th Aviation Depot Squadron Caribou
3081st Aviation Depot Squadron Rushmore
3082nd Aviation Depot Squadron Deep Creek
3083rd Aviation Depot Squadron Fairfield
3084th Aviation Depot Squadron Stonybrook
3096th Aviation Depot Squadron Nellis
3097th Aviation Depot Squadron Barksdale
3098th Aviation Depot Squadron Kirtland
896th Munitions Squadron Nellis
898th Munitions Squadron Kirtland
Air Force Materiel Command Wright-Patterson
Ballistic Missile Office Norton
Ogden Air Logistics Center Hill
ICBM System Program Office (SPO) Hill
Air Force Space Command
20th Air Force
9th Strategic Wing
44th Missile Wing Ellsworth
90th Space Wing F.E. Warren
319th Missile Squadron F.E. Warren
320th Missile Squadron F.E. Warren
321st Missile Squadron F.E. Warren
400th Missile Squadron F.E. Warren
91st Space Wing Minot
740th Missile Squadron Minot
741st Missile Squadron Minot
742nd Missile Squadron Minot
308th Missile Wing Little Rock
321st Missile Wing Grand Forks
446th Missile Squadron Grand Forks
447th Missile Squadron Grand Forks
448th Missile Squadron Grand Forks
341st Space Wing Malmstrom
10th Missile Squadron Malmstrom
12th Missile Squadron Malmstrom
490th Missile Squadron Malmstrom
564th Missile Squadron Malmstrom
351st Missile Wing Whiteman
381st Missile Wing McConnell
389th Missile Wing F.E. Warren
390th Missile Wing Davis-Monthan
451st Missile Wing Lowry
455th Missile Wing Minot
702nd Missile Wing Presque Isle
704th Missile Wing Cooke
705th Missile Wing UK
706th Missile Wing F.E. Warren
4126th Strategic Wing Beale
US Air Forces Europe
38th Tactical Missile Wing Wuescheim
303rd Tactical Missile Wing Molesworth
485th Tactical Missile Wing Florennes
486th Tactical Missile Wing Netherlands
487th Tactical Missile Wing Comiso
501st Tactical Missile Wing Greenham Common

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